qiqi vs xixi

This is a customized video.

Since the last fight, boxing veteran xixi has been dismissed by people in the circle
All kinds of contempt, in order to get back the glory that belongs to her, she has been
After training hard, on this day she finally presented to the new boxing champion who defeated her.
I launched a challenge, and I must take back the knife I lost…


haoyu vs zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

Xiao Yu returned home from the dance studio, thinking about practicing the dance moves she learned today,
But because of the limitation of the venue, I accidentally twisted my foot, and when Xiao Yu was crying on the bed,
The door was pushed open from the outside…



This is a customized video.

This film is for those who like to dance

Xiaoyu is a ballet dancer with superb dancing skills. She came to the dance studio as usual today…


xixi VS tutu

This is a customized video.

Xiaoruo’s family is rich, but he suddenly went bankrupt and owed a lot of debts. The creditors chased him for money all day long, and his brother was also taken away.
In order to repay the money, Xiao Ruo had to choose to fight to pay off the debt. In order to get a higher bonus, she chose a very strong opponent…


leilei VS zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

Zhao Yong has always wanted to reduce his body, and he signed up for boxing training to rely on punching
Boxing to lose weight This afternoon, Zhao Yong practiced in front of the dummy in the room as usual.
Xi warmed up, and then came a female boxer, who kept teleporting Zhao Yong, to him
Personal attack and contempt for him, wanted to anger Zhao Yong to fight with her, in the end Zhao Yong did not
Office method training, reluctantly followed the female boxer on stage…


haoyu VS manman

This is a customized video.

Both Amy and Bell are boxers in the underground boxing ring, and they usually
I never tire of seeing each other. Boss J specially arranged for them to have a game this time.
Those who lose will be taken into a small black room to be used as sandbags for others to practice…


zhaoyong VS Ru

This is a customized video.

Yasa defected with the organization’s confidential documents, and the organization sent the most
Be ruthless and brave. Be sure to bring back the lost things. This day
Miya found herself found out and began to escape…


xixi VS pupu

This is a customized video.

Since the last time he lost a new position for boxing veteran Xixi
After being born, she met many people who looked at her with blank eyes, and they were very suspicious of her strength.
It is suspected that during this period of time, she was in an annoying mood and was alone in the entertainment department.
After training in the same day as usual, she came to
The door of my rest room was pushed open by an uninvited guest…

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