qiqi VS xixi

This is a customized video.

Women’s boxing has had a very controversial fight in recent times.
A newly promoted dark horse player bluntly said that he would challenge an old man who is very famous in the women’s boxing field
General, after receiving this message, as a senior, he immediately responded to this field
Competition, in fact, every year, some people who don’t know the heights of the sky and the earth want to challenge


xuanxuan VS Vv

This is a customized video.

In an unknown prison, there is a warden who covers the sky with his hands.
A person who advocates boxing very much, especially women’s boxing, as long as he is in a good mood
Will arrange a game, the person who wins the game will pardon her and restore her freedom, while the loser will
Continue to wait for the arrival of the next game…


zhaoyong VS Vv

This is a customized video.vv was on his way home as usual, and felt that someone behind him had been following him, so he quickened his pace and rushed into the elevator. Unexpectedly, the person behind followed him.
Came here and kept staring at vv with bad intentions. When the elevator door opened, vv’s bag was suddenly snatched away. vv chased after him and entered a room.
But it was the beginning of a nightmare.


zhaoyong VS jiajia

This is a customized video.

Because Zhao Yong’s skills are very good, his boxing gym business is very good, but this was jealous of his colleagues, and finally one day they sent a female agent to go
To deal with Zhao Yong, let her put medicine in Zhao Yong’s water by learning boxing, and call them afterward, but Zhao Yong is also a very cautious person, and soon
Seeing that this woman is not easy, the female agent fainted and began to torture.


zhaoyong VS manman

This is a customized video. The new iPhones are on the market. College students are now competing with each other, and college student Manman is no exception. On this day, she used her mobile phone on the street to snap up the latest apples online.
The mobile phone, but he didn’t grab it. At this time, a person came behind him and said that he had goods there. Manman was moved when he heard it, and followed him away. He didn’t expect this.
Once you go to Manman, you will regret it for the rest of your life.


zhaoyong VS xuanxuan

This is a customized video. Xiaoxuan was practicing boxing by herself in the boxing gym this day. Unexpectedly, two thugs came in and saw Xiaoxuan alone and wanted to go up to tease her, but she didn’t expect Xiaoxuan to come in.
It’s not easy to mess with, I quickly solved a gangster. At this time, another gangster clamored to make Xiaoxuan pay the price. Xiaoxuan said that she would go to the ring with disapproval.
We both have a good time. (Introduced by first-person madness) A lot of fun


zhaoyong VS haoyu

This is a customized video. Zhao Yong was practicing boxing in the boxing room that day, and suddenly a hot girl with long legs came, clamoring for Zhao Yong to get out.
She came to the door. Her sister is still pregnant and still lying in the hospital. Zhao Yong doesn’t want to be responsible. Today, the long-legged sister came to seek revenge. Look at this time, it is the long-legged sister.
Sister is more powerful or Zhao Yong is more ferocious.


xuanxuan VS haoyu

This is a customized video. Two girls fight online because of playing games. They have hot personalities and have an offline battle. Neither of them agrees with the other. Today, only one person can follow
Going down the ring, who will be the winner?

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